About Us

Once upon a time, in the land of the Bengal Tiger...

HerStory Foundation is dedicated to collecting, preserving and creating stories of women that changed the rules of the game. In the last decade alone, much has been done to improve the lives of women in Bangladesh. However, marginalisation of women still remains a pressing concern. For us, this means that the challenge must be addressed through diverse means formally, non-formally and informally to affect direct and indirect individual and community level change.

HerStory Foundation is building an archive of female histories, both written and oral to understand our current times and position, through interviews and ongoing research. We tell the stories of women who broke new ground, opened doors for others, and left a lasting impression as a result of their tireless effort.

We create opportunities to commission and feature work by female artists and writers. We promote female creatives and help make connections between mentors and students, facilitating and growing a diverse network of sustained, compassionate support. We facilitate access to formal and informal information that can change lives and enable independence, both financial and individual.

DAKHHA NAREE, a HerStory Foundation initiative, works towards allowing women to gain financial independence, via traditional and non-traditional employment options. This portal has far-reaching potential to transform labour from manual to professional and prepare the workforce for the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We are challenging social norms and prejudices through art and storytelling. Holding fast to the belief that storytellers and artists are catalysts of change, we are working to propose narratives about unity, inclusion and justice for children and adults.

We look forward to many more projects and years ahead.


    a society where women’s choices are not limited and decisions are not constrained by gender.

  • OUr mission

    is to empower rural and urban women and girls of diverse socio-economic backgrounds in Bangladesh through the arts, storytelling and capacity building.

  • We believe

    that team work makes the dream work. That behind every great woman, is another great woman. That art is essential and creativity is a solution. That collective stories have the power to change societies.