HerStory Foundation is a not-for-profit that creates innovative content for development, with a focus on gender equality, youth empowerment and women’s rights. We use storytelling, illustration, design, and dialogue to instill empowering and inspiring messages in children, youth and adults. Our vision as an agent of change is to ensure that we create impactful and quality development content to find creative, non-conventional ways of disseminating knowledge, steering more towards illustrated children's books and experiential learning as opposed to traditional advocacy tactics.

Holding fast to the belief that storytellers and artists are catalysts of change, our work challenges social norms and prejudices, and proposes narratives about unity, inclusion and diversity.

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Herstory Fellowship


The ​HerStory Foundation Incredible Read-Aloud Fellowship​, is a year-long reading program that connects motivated university students to underserved classrooms through the Incredible Read-Aloud (Bangla and English). Fellows initiated into the program are paired and assigned to a classroom to read from the ​HerStories​ and discuss gender, future thinking and life planning with the young listeners.

Through the training modules, Fellows are exposed to education and career counselling information and strategies so that they can in turn provide guidance to their listeners.


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